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Timing Dissemination Unit

TDU is based on the IRIG-B protocol.

  • There are two types of timing for freight testing ATD & CDT.
  • ATD is synchronized to the IST time zone, it is used to synchronize the all tracing sensor to a common time reference.
  • CDT is used to indicate all the stations about the time left for the take-off of the freight vehicle.
  • A 10 MHz external clock source is used to generate the CDT time
  • 4 switches and a keypad is used to configure the time.
  • The output is displayed on OLED and 7 seven segment
  • CDT time can be set and controlled from GUI based on Ethernet protocol.

(ADT: Actual Day Time; CDT: Count Down Time)

Multi Laser Control Unit

Laser Control Unit [LCU] is required for the control and monitoring of a Fiber-coupled DFB laser-based Opto-mechanical system. The main tasks for LCU are Monitoring the Laser Wavelength through Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA). Closed loop controlling of DFB [distributed feedback] laser wavelengths depending upon the OSA reading. Monitoring of different types of sensors (OSA, Laser Power, Temperature, humidity, etc.) for controlling the operation of fiber Laser. Remote controlling and monitoring of the entire system through Remote control Unit (RCU). Integration of different types of Sensors, OSA, and DFB laser with Command Control Unit

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