FPGA Design Services

Aujus Technology’s Engineering Design team works hard to offer services tailored to the best products.  

FPGA Services

The Aujus Technology Product Engineering team provides turnkey FPGA design services for multi-faceted door designs for Xilinx, Altera, etc. Aujus Technology’s capabilities extend from specification through the system to FPGA, with expertise covering RTL design, verification, floor planning, schedule closure, Design validation, and system-level validation We are experts in high-density, high-speed engineering. 

  1. Configurable Digital Bandpass Filter design in FPGA.
  2. IP Development based on DSP
  3. Enhancement of AM-SSB Modulator from Hilbert to Weaver Algorithm.
  4. Development of FPGA-based AWGN channel model for testing 9.6 Kbps baseband waveform.
  5. Enhancement of Equalization Techniques by incorporation of Re-Training Mechanism.
  6. IEEE 802.3(1 Gbps Ethernet) to SPI and UART bridge.
  7. Test Software to validate wireless physical layer operating at 2 Mbps.
  8. IEEE 802.3 MAC to 20 Mbps SPI (X Band QTRM).
  9. EEE 802.3 MAC UART Bridge(C Band QTRM)
  10. Software-controlled capability to send over different rates and either UART or SPI.
  11. Design and Development of Digital Wideband.
  12. QPSK based Physical Layer Design. Development & Implementation of TCP-UDP/IP/10G MAC platform for Trading Algorithms over Xilinx VC709 Board.
  13. PCB Design and Development of CUSTOM BOARD based on XILINX Artix 7 35T. Development & Implementation of IEEE 802.3/Ethernet Over QPSK/QAM Physical Channel on Xilinx ZC706 Board.


Verilog, VHDL

EDA Tools

Modelsim, Xilinx ISE/XST, Altera Quartus


Xilinx (ZYNQ, Kintex, Virtex, Spartan), Xilinx UltraScale+ RFSoC & MPSoC, Altera (Cyclone Soc, Stratix)


PCI-Genx, HDMI, Dphy, Mphy, SRAM, DDRx, USB, UART, I2C, SPI, ADC, DAC, Ethernet

Verification Methodology

Coverage driven, Assertion driven, Regression automation

Debugging Tool

ChipScope, SignalTap, Logic Analyzer, Scope, FPGA editor