FPGA Design & Development

FPGA Design & Development

Aujus Technology provides FPGA Design Services starting from specification to final tape-out.
We have vast experience designing complex systems on FPGA. Our forte is delivering cutting edge design using modern techniques and technologies that help in achieving the highest quality. We use long proven high quality design process which include modeling, simulation with self-check features, DFT capability, issue tracking & management, full source control, etc.


Our design team has know-how on the latest architecture of FPGAs/CPLDs and how to use them to deliver the best optimized solutions. Our professionals have experiences in High Speed Digital Design using Virtex 7, Zync, Kintex series Xilinx FPGAs, Altera and Actel FPGAs.


Our approach to FPGA design can be highlighted by the broader points as under.

Requirements Definition

  • System Requirements Definition
  • System Design & Partitioning
  • Chip Specification


  • Algorithm Development and Modeling
  • Matlab, Simulink, C, C++ as required


  • Technology Conversions
  • HDL Design and Unit Simulation
  • High Speed I/O – MGTs
  • Complex Memory Structures
  • High Density Designs
  • High Speed Designs
  • Popular Interfaces Including: Ethernet, USB, PCI/PCIe, Network, , UART, VME64, SmartMediA, CompactFlash
  • Embedded Processors (Nios, Microblaze, PowerPC, ARM, custom)


  • Self Checking Test Benches
  • Top level simulation against models
  • Code coverage

Back End

  • Logic Synthesis
  • Power and Area Optimization
  • Floor Planning, Place, and Route
  • Backend Verification and Sign-Off


  • Test Software Generation
  • Test Plans
  • Initial Integration
  • Final Integration
  • Conformance Checking